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3 Ways To Maximise Your Data Use

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By Rachelle Gray

We all have that certain someone who opts-out of getting a data plan yet spends every opportunity scouting for a Wi-Fi connection. That person might sound familiar to you, it might even be you.

Within the first 5 minutes on arrival at a location with an available Wi-Fi connection they haven’t already gained access to, the question is sure to come: “What’s your Wi-Fi password?”.

It’s now the lifestyle of champions. Folks who perpetrate this behaviour are for the most part usually just shielding themselves from previous data plan relationships gone wrong. Though it is understandable to be cautious, even weary, you are missing out on fantastic opportunities to maximise your investment in a smartphone if you continue to avoid data plans like they were a bad fashion trend.

The truth is, whether you have a data plan or you are living life on the run – away from data plans – if you pivot your point of view towards the following three suggestions, your relationship with data will hold new meaning.


Most people who have data plans use them to surf the web, connect to social media sites, play games and check emails. Actually there are a host of entrepreneurs who actively use these sites to solicit business, connect with clients, and promote their trade. Why aren’t you? Always wondered why certain folks stay on top of their social posts, have strong relationships with their followers while seeming to lead unencumbered lives?

Well in tandem with other factors it is their wise use of data to instantaneously upload unscheduled posts and respond to client queries all the while having their presence felt in the social arena that sets them apart. From freelancer to established entrepreneur once you accept the integral role your smartphone plays in your daily operations, ensure you have enough data and be brave about using it because it’s an investment. Open up to the social life by turning downtime, a long wait or cancelled meeting into an opportunity to connect. The returns will be worth it.


Open Wi-Fi connections found in public spaces like cafes, parks, and shopping malls pose as prime opportunities to lay off of your data allowance and switch to free Wi-Fi but consider this – open Wi-Fi does not equate to a secure connection. A malicious user can easily tap into personal or sensitive information that is being transmitted across the connection. Essentially the Wi-fi is open to the public and so is your business.

That’s where your data plan comes it. Instead of siphoning from the open signal, tether a secure channel from your smartphone to your tablet or laptop. Your phone has its own number and your data connection is locked – accessible only to folks you have shared your password credentials with, which means that everything you do using your personal Wi-Fi connection is protected.

Don’t know how to tether, check your device’s setting. Essentially tethering converts your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot to be shared by select devices. Although it’s not free, as the Wi-Fi will draw on your data allowance to support the connection; on the flip side your connection will be secure and that alone is worth it.

If you are not at all concerned about the security of the items on your laptop, no worries, there’s an old adage for that – better safe than sorry.


Gaming is huge. The quick response time needed for real time fighting games is unforgiving. First person shooter, massive multiplayer online role playing games, racing, and driving games all demand that your network speed is fast enough to deliver a quality online gaming experience.

With true 4G LTE technology everyone from recreational gamer to tournament competitor can now enjoy the fullest online gaming experience possible today. While it is true that online games have an appetite for data, it’s not as voracious as one might think. Simple steps like keeping track of your game’s data demands would be wise so you can budget for your plan accordingly as data consumption varies depending on the game.

With a MiFi dongle wireless router, which uses a SIM card and acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, gamers can instantly connect multiple players at a location or by using a phone as a hotspot you can join in on an online game during the bland moments of the day and just about anywhere you go. The key is an adequate 4G LTE data plan for connectivity and you are in.