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Ozone seeing the benefits of good customer service

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Bridgetown, November 27, 2017 – Great customer service has become an excellent referral strategy for Ozone Wireless. The company has been recording high referral rates coupled with strong testimonials from customers. Head of Customer Service and Retail, Jacqui Waugh explains that Ozone made a commitment very early on to place as much or more emphasis on how customers would be treated, as it did on the new 4G LTE network it was building. Research conducted while the business was in pre-startup phase, identified poor customer service throughout the sales cycle from first contact to after sales support, as a major bug bear for telecommunications customers in Barbados. This prompted the team to address customer service in all major company statements and brand training. The company’s mission statement addresses it simply but decisively with a commitment to “treat our customers right.”

Ozone’s simple mantra for consistent customer service is a take on the golden rule “Treat our customers as we ourselves would want to be treated as customers”. Effective application of this rule meant asking two simple questions at each step of the customer sales cycle: “How would we want to be treated?” and “What does good customer service look like?” Ms. Waugh also insists that hiring the right people was the most critical prerequisite, otherwise the desired outcomes would never be realised. She admits that the interview process was rigorous, noting that ultimately, individuals who shared the same vision for customer service and genuinely wanted to deliver that kind of service level, were selected.

Concerns about poor customer service levels in Barbados cuts across industries and even prompted the creation of the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) over a decade ago, to address this on a national level for improved global competitiveness. Ms. Waugh believes that it was therefore an ambitious strategy to implement and noted that it was imperative to pay great attention to detail and to continue to build on the process.


She describes what is being undertaken: “Each agent went through two months of in-depth training that delved deeply into all of our services plus products, starting with our billing system. We were determined not to be that Telco that allowed massive bill shock each month.”

Sales and customer service training was critical, we covered the entire journey from the Ozone warm welcome on entering the store to our WOW (Walk Out Working) exit. This is where we ensure all customers are fully up and running and understand what makes Ozone, Ozone.”

Retail Environment

We built a state of the art store where our customers would be comfortable interacting with the best trained staff on island. Along with an open floor plan for easy browsing and a lounge area for a relaxed chat, there is also a private consultation room for more sensitive issues. Officially named The Ozone Experience Store, the store design has come into international recognition by the Americas Property Awards. Architectural firm Argo Development Studio has recently won a retail design award for the Americas with the Ozone store as its entry.


We have our own in-house Mastermind, a crucial technical resource we believe gives us the edge and goes a long way to ensuring as many customers as possible leave with a smile on their face.

Locally manned Contact Centre

Our Contact Centre is locally manned within our Manor Lodge headquarters by all Barbadian staff. You can interact with them over the phone, via live chat or via Facebook interaction.  All Ozone customers receive a welcome call, an opportunity to have any outstanding questions answered.  We are working towards building positive customer relationships where all of our customers know we are only a call away.

Along with the welcome call, the team has also implemented a system of scheduled outbound calls each month to ensure follow up with customers. The Contact Centre is open to calls Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm.

The result

And how have customers responded? Some have come back to the store, or written notes to Ms. Waugh and other staff to commend Customer Service Agents by name. Others have brought gifts and still others have taken the time to share their positive reviews on the company’s social media pages. Most of all, Ozone is benefiting each day from referrals.


Ozone Wireless is the only telecommunications provider with a 4G LTE-only network in Barbados. It has introduced data-heavy mobile plans giving up to 40GB of data, positioning itself as the leader in 4G LTE data.